Means with lifting effect for the body

Sale -5%

Replenishing Body Cream

Dh 721.62
Dh 761.16
A firming body cream

Coconut Sugar Scrub (Tube)

Dh 573.34
An antioxidant-rich moisturizing body scrub

Celluli Eraser

Dh 528.86
An efficacious body slimming treatment gel
Sale -4%

Firming Body Cream

Dh 568.40
Dh 593.12
A hydrating, rich textured body cream
Sale -4%
IS Clinical

Body Complex

Dh 682.08
Dh 711.74
A high-performance versatile body moisturizer

Superieur Body Nightly Renewing Serum

Dh 2456.48
A high-performance, fast-acting body serum
Sale -18%

Super Fit Arm Sculpt

Dh 578.29
Dh 711.74
A revolutionary dual-action treatment for the upper arm area
Sale -12%

ResurfaSlim 2-in-1 Peel and Slim Cream

Dh 864.96
Dh 993.47
A rich peeling & slimming body cream
Sale -24%

Eternal Repair Body Serum

Dh 785.88
Dh 1037.95
A high-performance anti-aging treatment for the body
Sale -27%

Body Luxury Adoration - Rich & Intensive Body Care Cream

Dh 380.58
Dh 523.92
A fast absorbing, velvety soft cream
Sale -12%
DR. Hauschka

Blackthorn Toning Body Oil - Warms & Fortifies

Dh 252.07
Dh 286.67
A subtly scented toning body oil treatment

Slimming Massage Concentrate (Salon Product)

Dh 1156.57
A body slimming massage concentrate
Sale -19%

Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert

Dh 568.40
Dh 701.85
An innovative body contouring treatment
Sale -6%

Espresso Limon Slimming Body Oil

Dh 662.31
Dh 711.74
A pure, potent & effective oil body oil
Pevonia Botanica

Green Coffee Concentrate (Salon Size)

Dh 1102.21
A detoxifying treatment to smooth & boost body's texture
Sale -23%

Maternity Stretch Marks Serum (Fragrance-Free)

Dh 197.70
Dh 257.02
A targeted stretch mark treatment serum for women during pregnancy & postpartum

Renewal Enriched Body Lotion - For All Skin Types

Dh 464.61
An advanced anti-aging body moisturizer
Sale -5%

Deadsea Plants Firming Body Cream

Dh 390.47
Dh 415.18
A satiny firming & nourishing body cream
Sale -22%
Ella Bache

Nutridermologie Lab Affinium 7.1% Magistral Smoothing Concentrate

Dh 543.69
Dh 701.85
A skin-smoothing & detoxifying body concentrate
Sale -9%
Derma E

Firm + Lift Crepey Skin Pre-Treatment Exfoliating Scrub

Dh 143.34
Dh 158.16
A skin-softening pre-treatment exfoliator

Almond Milk Veil

Dh 444.84
A conditioning body milk
Sale -10%
Derma E

Crepey Skin Repair Treatment

Dh 177.93
Dh 197.70
A highly-efficacious restorative cream for dry, crepey skin
Sale -10%

Vinosculpt Lift & Firm Body Cream

Dh 400.35
Dh 444.84
A firming body cream with 97% natural-origin ingredients
Sale -39%

LL - Lipolytic Solution (Biological Sterilized Solution)

Dh 1794.17
Dh 2965.58
A high-performance anti-cellulite & slimming treatment
Sale -33%

Body Tone Firming Concentrate

Dh 568.40
An effective firming body treatment
Sale -5%

Neck Cream - Enriched Formula

Dh 1734.86
Dh 1828.77
A powerful firming & remodeling neck cream

Cranberry Pomegranate Sugar Scrub (Tube)

Dh 553.57
An antioxidant-rich moisturizing body scrub
Sale -19%

V-Neck Smoothing Creme (Salon Product, For All Skin Types)

Dh 538.75
Dh 667.25
A non-greasy, anti-aging neck cream
Sale -15%

A-Lift Overnight Vitamin A Body Treatment

Dh 751.28
Dh 889.67
A nutrient-rich, multi-action overnight body treatment

Body Luxury Performance - Vitalizing Massage Oil

Dh 291.61
Formulated of precious ingredients like jojoba, avocado & olive oils

Benefiance Concentrated Neck Contour Treatment

Dh 691.97
Developed with Firm Support Formula
Sale -4%

Vine Body Butter (Jar)

Dh 321.27
Dh 336.10
A rich, intensely hydrating body balm
Sale -4%
This Works

Perfect Cleavage Firming Lotion

Dh 662.31
Dh 691.97
A gentle, potent & targeted anti-ageing treatment for bust & chest
Sale -28%

M.Booster Body (Slimming)

Dh 3598.23
Dh 5061.25
A body slimming treatment for men & women who have oversized skin or cellulite, and need to reduce fat tissues
Skin Ceuticals

Body Tightening Concentrate

Dh 1028.07
A high-performance body lifting concentrated treatment

Blueberry Soy Sugar Scrub

Dh 518.98
An antioxidant-rich & hydrating body scrub
Sale -39%

B21 Firming Concentrate Body & Bust

Dh 479.43
Dh 790.82
Stimulates cell energy, regenerates, smoothes & firms

Coconut Firming Body Lotion

Dh 405.30
A rejuvenating & firming body moisturizer
Sale -4%
Mama Mio

The Tummy Rub Butter

Dh 321.27
Dh 336.10
An anti-stretch mark treatment for tummy, breasts, hips & thighs

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